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    Testimonials & Reviews

    This is what some of our fabulous clients have to say about us.


    Ashish Sharma

    PwC Strategy& India

    I have been learning vedic chanting from Ācārya Sh Gavish Dwivedi for more than 2 years now regularly every week.One of the sanatan inheritances- perhaps the primary one- from our ancestors is the Vedas. Since time immemorial, this has been transferred from one generation to another in an unbroken guru shishya paramparā.I would urge all of us to contribute our own humble efforts in reviving and promoting sanātan paramparā in our daily lives, and one small step in that but with wonderful benefits is teaching ourselves, and our near and dear youngsters, in the tradition of vedic chanting; and I can think of no one better than the Bhaaratam team.


    Sujoy Banerjee

    Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife (East) Gonda, U.P.

    I have known, and have been in regualar touch with Mr. Gavish Dwivedi for the last four years. I met him during my posting in Noida when someone directed me to him about being a wonderful sanskrit scholar and a newsreader in the Doordarshan News.I have also been in regular touch with him and keep following him and his highly impressive activities that he undertakes from time to time. In particular, I am highly impressed by the short 12 day Sambhashanam course where a person can speak in Sanskrit by the end of the course.


    Shalini Chamaria

    Deputy Manager at Deloitte Haskins and Sells LLP

    I got a chance to learn Sanskrit from “Bhaaratam team” during this lockdown. The course was conducted in such a manner that this learning journey became interesting and still continuing over 6 months. Through practical examples, mono arts, songs, dance, drama learning Sanskrit has become now a part of life.This team is not only imparting knowledge about Sanskrit but Sanskriti of Bharat as well in the form of teaching chantings, organising pujan, taking Jyotish & Vastu sessions etc. I am grateful for the knowledge and wish more and more people get benefitted from it.


    Shekhar Kumar

    IRS , Joint Commissioner

    The introductory talks on Indian philosophy has been a learning experience . Acharya ji had been successful in explaining to a laymen the intricacies of Nyaya, Vaishehika, Vyakaran , Niti etc. and even the weirdest of questions had been handled by him with smile . These would be beneficial for anyone wanting to know our ancient culture, students, those looking for knowledge different from worldly affairs. A strong beginning for the miles to go Bharataam Team !!


    Sandeep Swami

    Head Human Resources with Big Indian Multinational.

    The most practical value of learning Sanskrit lies in the fact that it trains the mind to think logically, brings clarity of expression, develops intellectual strength, and provides keen insight into the meanings of the words.Sanskrit also facilitates a better grasp of the mechanics of other languages and scripts.After understanding this fact I started learning Sanskrit language back after 14 years of meaningful service as Strategic Human Resource transformation role, which I left after my school days.


    Dr. Prithwish Kundu

    Maxillofacial Radiologist & Dental Surgeon, Kolkata

    I feel really lucky to have known about Bhaaratam. To begin with it has quenched my thirst for learning Sanskrit, which was my childhood dream. It also is a wonderful platform for authentic Vaidic Puja techniques with guidance about the various rituals and meaning of the Mantras chanted. I wish Team Bhaaratam all the best in all their upcoming endeavours and recommend everyone to contact this organization if you are looking for Sanskrit Learning, learning original Shlokas and Mantras and for authentic Indian traditional and Vaidic Rituals.


    Aditi V


    Philosophy helps us make better decisions by developing our critical thinking.Introduction to Indian philosophy is one such opportunity to expand knowledge about the world view and explore different perspectives by developing a greater intellect.The session brings in new facts every moment, which force you to penetrate deeper and acquire the purest knowledge.


    Amitabh Sharma

    I.T Expert (U.S.A)

    Learning Samskrit since with Bhaaratam has been an exhilarating experience for me, to say the least.It has helped me in connecting with my Sanaatani roots and opened up for me a plethora of opportunities to channel my inquisitiveness into various aspects of life in relation to philosophy, ayurveda, Mahaabhaarata, and especially the uniqueness of Sanskrit as a very refined and scientific language.Sanskrit being the janani of Bharatiya languages, offers an insight into their etymology, thereby offering a greater understanding to those who wish to pursue them.


    प्रवीणः शिधये

    अभियन्ता ( Oil & Paints Technology)

    एप्रिलमासे जनसञ्चरणरोधः आसीत्, अतः किं करणीयम् इति अहं चिन्तितवान्। अन्तर्जालीयस्य संस्कृतसम्भाषणशिबिरस्य विषये ज्ञात्वा शीघ्रं पंजीकृतवान। द्वादशदिनानां प्रथमस्तरकक्षाम , तद् उपरान्तं विंशतिः दिनानां द्वितीयस्तरं, अनन्तरं संस्कृतभारत्याः प्रवेशपरीक्षायै अभ्यासं कृतवान्।
    संस्कृतकक्ष्यायाम् अहं अमन्दम् आनन्दम् अनुभवामि। आचार्यस्य गवीशस्य पाठनशैली सर्वेभ्यः छात्रेभ्यः रोचते। मम संस्कृताभ्यासः भारतम् इति समवायेन सह निरन्तरं भवतु इति प्रार्थयामि।